Kids Coding & Robotics Club

You will learn so much that your head will spin…
…If you were a robot.

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Do you want an After School Coding and Robotics Club?

We run successful after school clubs in Canberra with most schools requiring at least two separate Block Crafters Clubs to accommodate knowledge hungry students. So why not let us run a club exclusively for your students?

We do School Incursions and with Great Feedback!

Our School Incursions are a great way to relieve pressure on teachers to learn Programming and Robotics so let us handle your STEM requirements for you!

We Run Holiday Programs too!

Our Holiday Programs are not about Quantity, it’s rather about Quality! Ratio of 1:7

” I learn't a lot”
– Jett, age 10

” This is awesome”
– Alicia, age 10

Game Design
Holiday Program
“I loved it”
– Zaden, age 8

“I liked that it was very easy and fun”
– Ethan, age 8
Minecraft Modding
Holiday Program
“It was fun”
– Jacob, age 12

“Great Program”
– Henry, age 11

Minecraft Python
Holiday Program

We are also a



Who Are We?

Block Crafters – Kids Coding & Robotics Club is based in Canberra, ACT and our goal is to teach kids about their brave new world of technology and to appreciate the understanding of how it all works.

It’s our hope that Block Crafters Club Members will become creators and not just consumers of technology. That we will light their passion for innovation!

Our Club Members Are Crafters of Their Own Future!

Holiday Programs Worth The Price Of Admission!

Our Holiday Programs bring a complete experience for kids who want to achieve something in a definite space of time. It’s not just something to do during the holidays or giving parents an important break. It’s also a great place where kids socialise with each other and having the same interest just sparks their passion even more!

We Learn Using Minecraft

Whether we make Mods, learn Programming Languages such as LUA, Python or Java… Minecraft plays an important role in teaching kids and even adults about programming.

Kids don't just learn about programming

At Block Crafters, Kids learn about Engineering, Electronics and Prototyping so they can become creators, not just be consumers. This drives passion for innovation.