About Block Crafters Coding & Robotics Club

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.”
– Bill Gates –

Who we are

What we do

Block Crafters Coding & Robotics Club was co-founded by Kira and Russel in 2016, after seeing a need to educate children on Technology in Canberra.

Kira is experienced in Website and Graphics Design. Kira is the current owner of Galaxy IT (A Technology Consulting Business) based in Canberra. Her knowledge in the industry carries over to Block Crafters offering a stable platform for club members to build their own knowledge from.

Russel is a Systems Specialist or Engineer. He has for the last 15 years, supported many Companies and Enterprises with their Information Technology requirements. He’s experience carries values and industry knowledge from big names such as IBM and Lenovo.

Our Coding & Robotics Club teaches kids about the world of Coding and Robotics in a fun way. This helps to keep a child’s interest while learning.

Members attend club sessions where they learn to program, manipulate robots using their code and engineering. Our clubs are ongoing, so kids learn different things keeping it fresh and new. 

They don’t only learn Coding & Robotics. Kids will learn about engineering, prototyping, game design and much more at Block Crafters. Our Holiday Programs cater to all kids even those who like to play sports and want to get some technology orientated experience too.

Why do we do it?

We do it for the kids, having been in the industry for some time now, both Kira and Russel recognise that children today do not have an understanding of their technology focused world. The future has come and nobody prepared their children for it. Instead of having creators and innovators, we are left consuming products created elsewhere outside of Australia.

Kira and Russel created Block Crafters to effectively generate a technological group of kids who will hopefully keep their interest in this field and take us all to new heights!

Block Crafters Welcomes The New Generation of Innovators, and we truly are proud of our Club Members giving it a go!